About EMPoweRx Conference

Founded in 2021 by Jimmy Pruitt, the Emergency Medicine Pharmacotherapy with Resuscitation (EMPoweRx) Conference emerged in response to a growing need within the healthcare community. Traditional conferences often missed the mark, offering little focus on the burgeoning field of emergency medicine pharmacotherapy. EMPoweRx fills this gap, providing a dynamic, inclusive, and collaborative platform dedicated to advancements in emergency medicine pharmacotherapy.
From its inception, EMPoweRx challenged the status quo, discarding complicated conventions and unnecessary formalities that hindered learning and collaboration. What began as a virtual gathering in 2022 quickly gained momentum, partnering with SAEM in 2023, and achieving complete independence by 2024

Our conference transcends borders, drawing over 1,000 professionals worldwide, with strong representations from countries like Saudi Arabia, Great Britain, Canada, Mexico, and Australia. We welcome all healthcare professionals, particularly those passionate about pharmacotherapy, offering them a space to share research, clinical practice updates, and network.
At EMPoweRx, we’re not just a conference; we’re a community. We pride ourselves on creating an affordable, relaxed, and engaging environment that prioritizes education and global collaboration. Join us and be part of a movement that’s shaping the future of emergency healthcare, one discovery at a time.

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